Master's program
Computer Engineering: Applied AI and Robotics

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What are the main requirements for the applicants?

Applicants for the Master’s program Computer Engineering: Applied AI and Robotics must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science (or related area) and basic knowledge in programming, mathematics (linear algebra, linear differential equations), circuit theory, and computer architecture. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in any other area (not related to computer science) and want to apply to this Master’s program, please contact our Program manager by email and describe your case.

How can I apply? What documents do I need to submit?

To apply to the Master’s program Computer Engineering: Applied AI and Robotics you need to complete the TSU online application form at and upload scans of your documents that confirm your academic background (diploma, diploma supplement, certificates, transcripts, i.e. academic credentials) and a passport. For each post-secondary institution you've attended, you should upload a registrar-issued transcript for review. A detailed instruction on document legalization is available on the official TSU admissions web page at (Steps to admission section).

 How is an interview conducted?

An interview is held online via Zoom and usually consists of 1-2 questions regarding computer science and a question about your research interest (what would you like to research during your studies at TSU). Sample questions for the interview can be downloaded here.

How can I know the results of my entry exams?

Within 1-3 days after your interview, our Program manager will send you a notification and inform you about the results of the interview and further steps.

What are the learning formats under the Master’s program? Do I need to stay in TSU during the whole period of my studies?

The Master's program has in a full-time format. However, we offer a choice of two training modes.

  1. A full-time (in-campus) mode, which provides for the direct presence of a student on the campus during the entire period of study (except for vacations).
  2. A blended-learning mode, which is a full-time mode with the use of distance learning technologies. This is the most progressive form of education now, which implies training both on campus and anywhere in the world at different periods of time. During the period of learning with the use of distance learning technologies, we guarantee you online communication with teachers, tutors as well as communication with other students.

Under this blended-learning mode, a student needs to be in campus in 2nd and 3rd semesters. The learning process in the 1st and 4th semesters can be organized with the use of distance learning technologies (which means that at this time you may live and work in your native country).

Please note, that both learning modes are classified as full-time formats of training, which will be specified both in a learning agreement and in your Master’s diploma.

Do I need to pay the full amount of tuition fee at once?

No. The total amount of tuition fee per one academic year is usually divided into three parts with equal payments in spring/summer (after signing a learning agreement with TSU), in November and in February of the next calendar year.

Does the Faculty provide financial assistance for international students?

Upon a student’s request, the Faculty may provide financial assistance for international students who find themselves in difficult living situations. In this case, the amount of financial assistance is about 1500 rubles per month.

What extra benefits may I get while studying under the Master’s program?

First, our students get an access to the Research Library of Tomsk State University that offers you a wide range of options for finding the materials necessary for your research work.

Second, we have partner programs with some of the world-best online educational platforms, for example Coursera. Our students get a free access to online courses provided by the leading Universities of the world.

Third, you get an access to our Research laboratories and do research projects in the field of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. You have a chance to run your personal research related on AI and Robotics with the help of scientific advisor and join the current projects in our laboratories.

If you still have questions about the admission process please contact the program manager at :