The program is intended for specialists able and willing to carry out research projects in the field of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Students gain skills and knowledge in computer-assisted vision, intelligent vision systems, simulation modeling of complex technological processes, and mathematical modeling of processes. Students learn how to develop and operate Autonomous Mobile Robotic Systems, Automated Information Systems and Unmanned Transport Systems.

Master students gain skills and knowledge in the following areas:


Automated Information Systems


Matematical and System Modeling


Unmanned Aerial Systems


Data Mining and Analysis


Robotics and Embedded Systems


Digital Twins


Integrated Information System


Computer Assisted Vision


System Simulation

Why join the International Masters program
at Tomsk State University?

The Faculty of Innovation Technologies at National Research Tomsk State University has been one of the leading contributers to develpoment and research of Unmanned Systems in the nation. Knowledge exploration throughout the University’s network of facilities is united by a culture of innovation. An unprecedented commitment from the student center of Russia(Tosmk) ensures TSU attracts internationally renowned faculty and the world’s brightest students. A tradition of guiding and supporting outstanding students makes TSU a standout in Academics and beyond. As a vibrant, progressive leader, the Faculty of Innovation Technologies at TSU fosters a diverse and dynamic culture that meets the challenges of a changing global society.


1'st Semister

  • Mathematical Foundations of Information Systems
  • Theory of control systems
  • Automation of technology processes
  • Intelligent analysis of big data
  • Professional communication in a foreign language
  • Research work

2'nd Semister

  • System simulation
  • System design
  • AI and machine learning
  • System engineering
  • Distributed computing technologies
  • Methodology for solving scientific, technical and social problems
  • Professional communication in a foreign language
  • Leadership and Teamwork Management
  • Academic seminar
  • Research work

3'rd Semister

  • Systems and critical thinking
  • Vision systems
  • System design
  • Embedded systems
  • Technology management
  • Navigation systems
  • Academic seminar
  • Fundamentals of the theory of experiment
  • Computational experiment
  • Research work

4'th Semister

  • Research work
  • Soft Skills
  • Master's Thesis Defence

Still not convinced ?

At the Faculty of Innovation Technologies we believe that with hard work and determination, anyone can max out their potential. Just ask our Students!

Everyone at TSU is very friendly and helpful, I am greatful to get to be a part of the Tomsk State University Family.

- Edgar Solis Romeu Web Developer - ABC Inc.

Attending Tomsk State University, was one of the best decissions of my life. Its an honor to be a part of this prestigious Instituition.

- Mainak Mondal Engineer - TSU.

Tomsk State University has given me more than enough oppertunities to shine. Accepting TSU's offer was a turning point in my career.

- Michael Oduro Persuing Higher Studies