April 22-23, 2021


National Research Tomsk State University invites students, postgraduates and young scientists to participate in XVII annual International School-Conference "Innovatika-2021" which will be held on April 22-23, 2021 in an online format.

The conference provides an environment for sharing, exchanging, and discussing new ideas related to a wide range of issues in modern education, science and research.

The conference will host the competition for youth interdisciplinary innovative projects.

Students of secondary schools, colleges and lyceums with their innovative research and engineering projects and developments are also invited to participate in the conference.

Conference is organized by:

  • National Research Tomsk State University
  • Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics
  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • A.M. Prokhorov’s Academy of Engineering Science
  • International scientific and technical organization "Laser Association"
  • Tomsk Regional Organization of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers


Conference scientific directions:

  • Innovative developments and prospects for their commercialization
  • Commercialization of the results of intellectual activity
  • Research of infrastructure for support of innovations
  • Training of personnel for innovative activities
  • Management of innovative projects
  • Concepts and models of product and service quality management
  • Digital transformation of socio-economic relations
  • Social problems of the information society and innovation.


Conference sections:

  • Innovative Technologies and Projects (in Russian)
  • Quality Control (in Russian)
  • Information Technology of the Digital Society (in Russian)
  • Innovative Activity: the Unity of Education, Science and Practice (in Russian)
  • Innovation Technologies in Education, Production and Business (in English).


English-language section includes the following formats of participation:

  • oral report;
  • oral report + paper publication;
  • video presentation.


Organizing Committee:

National Research Tomsk State University, Faculty of Innovative Technologies.

36, Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634050, Russia, Tel.: +7 (3822) 529 498



Alexey Poguda, Executive Secretary:,

Sergey Minkov, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee:

Conditions for participation and registration are available at the Conference website

Working languages: Russian and English.

Proceedings of the conference are published in an electronic form as a collection of materials posted in the electronic library Google Books and on the portal of the Electronic Scientific Library ( with indexing in the RSCI.




Program committee

Anatoly Soldatov, Chairman, Professor, FIT TSU (Tomsk), Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences

Sergey Minkov, Co-Chairman, Head of Department, FIT TSU (Tomsk)

Georgy Mayer, President of TSU (Tomsk), Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Nikola Sabotinov, Academician of the BAN (Sofia, Bulgaria);

Ivan Kovsh, President of the International Scientific and Technical Organization "Laser Association"

Vladimir Ochkin Professor, Chief Researcher of FIAN (Moscow), Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences;

Edward Galazhinsky, Rector of TSU (Tomsk), Academician of the Russian Academy of Education;

Alexander Vorozhtsov, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovation Activities of TSU (Tomsk);

Viktor Rulevsky, Rector of TUSUR (Tomsk);

Alexander Shelupanov, President of TUSUR (Tomsk);

Alexander Turlov, Chairman of the Committee for Innovation of the Department for the Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Tomsk Region;

Grigory Kazmin, regional representative of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology in the Tomsk Region;

Anachack Phongtraychack, Head of Department, Ministry of Science and Technology, Vientiane, Lao PDR,

Gufana Narimanova, Dean of FIT TUSUR (Tomsk);

Maria Kostina, Associate Professor, FIT TUSUR (Tomsk);

Edward Sosnin, professor, Senior Researcher, ISE SB RAS (Tomsk)

Vladimir Syryamkin, Head of the Department, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Stanislav Shidlovsky, Dean of FIT TSU (Tomsk).

Nikolay Shaparev, Professor, Chief Researcher, ICM SB RAS (Krasnoyarsk), Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences


Organizing Committee

Anatoly Soldatov, Chairman, Professor, FIT TSU (Tomsk), Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences;

Sergey Minkov, Deputy Chairman, Head of Department, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Alexey Poguda, Executive Secretary, Associate Professor, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Anna Vasilyeva, Senior Lecturer, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Olga Vusovich, Associate Professor, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Svetlana Kvesko, Associate Professor, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Michail Golovatov, Head of Science, Technology and Technology Innovation Department, TSU (Tomsk);

Gufana Narimanova, Dean of FIT TUSUR (Tomsk);

Maria Kostina, Associate Professor, FIT TUSUR (Tomsk);

Nikolay Yudin, Professor, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Tatyana Rumyantseva, Senior Lecturer, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Yana Chaplinskaya, Senior Lecturer, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Irina Larioshina, Head of Department, TPU (Tomsk)

Larisa Chausova, Head of Laboratory, FIT TSU (Tomsk)

Galina Tsoi, Head of the Department for Support of Educational Programs, TSU (Tomsk);

Tatyana Baigulova, assistant, FIT TUSUR (Tomsk);

Nikolay Uvarov, Postgraduate, FIT TSU (Tomsk);

Majdi Musallam, Postgraduate, FIT TSU (Syria)

Hussein Baalbaki, Postgraduate, FIT TSU (Syria)

Bui Hoang, student, FIT TSU (Vietnam)